Telanglectasis, Thread veins & Photo Rejuvination

We are excited to introduce Gaeber Pixelase which treats a wide range of benign skin lesions with minimal downtime and no scalpels or surgery. Pixelase emits a precise, pin point fibre optic Laser energy, reaching the target tissue without impacting any healthy skin tissue surrounding the skin lesion.

  • High customer satisfaction

  • 98% successful removal in just 1 session

  • Affordable procedure

Our most high demanded procedure is the removal of Thread veins or Spider veins, medically known as Telanglectasis. They are small visible blood vessels on the skin. Some veins appear to be thin and red whilst others can develop larger in diameter and become purple. They’re usually harmless and come with minimal symptoms. They may develop anywhere on the body mainly on the face or the lower body such as legs. They can be treated effectively using our Pixelase technology with a wavelength of 980nm diode and different sized hand pieces which offers precise results.

  • Instant results

  • Improved complexion within 4 weeks

  • Fast treatments times

  • Minimal downtime

  • No anaesthetic required

Why do I get Thread veins?

The general causes for thread veins are as follows:

  • Hormonal changes

  • With age

  • Hereditary

  • Pregnancy

  • Excess sun exposure

How does the technology work?

Vascular cells absorb the high-energy laser of 980nm wavelength, breaking down the vein walls, dissipating the vein, mole, wart or cherry angioma.

To overcome the traditional lasers, we have a precise fibre optic laser beam which is focused onto a 0.2-0.5mm diameter range, in order to enable a more coherent aim, reaching the target tissue and, without affecting or burning the surrounding skin tissue causing unnecessary skin trauma/damage.

What does Gaeber Pixelase treat?

With our amazing technology, removal of benign skin lesions can be removed, such as:

  • Moles

  • Warts

  • Cherry angioma

  • Age spots

  • Sunburn

  • Pigmentation

What other benefits will you see in the treatment?

Laser can stimulate the dermal collagen growth whilst undergoing a vascular treatment, increase epidermal thickness and density, so that the small blood vessels are no longer exposed, at the same time, the skin’s elasticity and resistance is also significantly enhanced.

Images – before and after on skin type 2

threadvein before after

What skin type can the laser be used on?

The diode laser is safer on skin type 1, 2 and 3 however the practitioner must be cautious with darker skin types as post inflammatory hyper pigmentation is at a higher risk of occurring. We strongly recommend darker skin types to undergo a skincare regime incorporating melanin inhibitors prior to any procedure.
We do not recommend using the technology on skin type 5 and 6

What to expect following the treatment?

The area treated maybe red and sore for up to 7 days. In some cases, bruising or crusting can occur but this is normal and usually disappears within one week. Your practitioner will go through aftercare advise with you.


A consultation is required prior to the procedure which is £25 however if you decide to go ahead with the procedure and you are suitable for the treatment, we waive the consultation fee and you are only charged for the treatment itself.

1- 5 veins/moles/cherry angioma – £250
Up to 10 veins/moles/cherry angioma – £300
Up to 20 veins/moles/cherry angioma – £400