fire them stubborn strands with IPL hair removal

Arden Clinic uses state-of-the-art IPL hair removal technology to keep complexions lush. We use the most advanced equipment to provide our clients reassurance of safety and equally important, results.

Our technology aims to serve unwelcomed bodily hair an eviction notice!

The procedure is virtually pain free with minimal side effects. Some patients have claimed to have experienced up to 60% reduction within 4 weeks of first session.

In most instances this is a permanent reduction however in rare cases, patients may have a regrowth for various reasons and further IPL hair removal sessions may be required.

IPL Hair Removal is suitable for ALL skin types, male & female

Before IPL treatment

hair reduction before

After IPL treatment

hair reduction after

Highly experienced and reputable

Our clinic culture is based on honesty and compassion. The consultation prior to the procedure is to ensure our patient is able to make an informed decision.

Our Technology

Our advanced technology is designed to use lower levels of energy to achieve more advantageous effects of hair reduction conveyed over a short period and fired at obstinate follicle with minimal side effects to the surrounding skin.

We have a high success rate of permanent hair reduction!

We are amongst the very few in the UK using this very latest technology. Most clinics are using technology that is far less comfortable and results are often unsuccessful.

Patients who have previously been treated using different technologies, have generally reported painful or inadequate results. However, with our advanced technology they have experienced substantial effects.

Does Intense Pulsed Light hurt?

Not ours, its a virtually pain free procedure! Our amazing technology gradually heats up the dermis enough to damage the follicle and prevent regrowth.

The short pulses offer minimal or no pain and importantly substantial results in comparison to other technologies without causing damage to the surrounding tissues.

Laser Hair Removal Single Area
  • Single Area - £35

  • Nose
    Above eyebrow
  • 6 sessions for £160

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  • 8 sessions for £250

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Laser Hair Removal Small Areas
  • Small Area - £55

  • Upper lip
    Cheek bones
    Hands (inc fingers)
    Feet (inc toes)
    Bikini line
  • 6 sessions for £290

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  • 8 sessions for £399

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Laser Hair Removal Medium Areas
  • Medium Area - £95

  • Face & neck
    Hollywood (inc peri-anal)
    Lower legs or thighs
    Lower back
    Upper back
    Half arms
  • 6 sessions for £530

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  • 8 sessions for £699

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Laser Hair Removal LArge Areas
  • Large Area - £130

  • Full Arms
    Full Legs
    Full Back
    Chest and abdomen
  • 6 sessions for £730

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  • 8 sessions for £980

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Is your hair excessive?

Procedure time

Up to 1 hour

Small areas

10 minutes


Up to 60% reduction after 3 sessions

Occasional tops are required to see optimum results


Male & Female


40% of our patient list consist of males


Highly experienced & qualified practitioner

Our practitioners also undergo multiple refresher training sessions annually

Recovery period

Up to 24 hours

Return back to work and daily activities following treatment


Not required

Virtually pain free procedure

Side effects

Erythema, swelling, redness

Safe, minimal side effects

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I have Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS), will Laser Hair Removal on me?

Yes it will reduce the amount of hair drastically with only a few sessions. Our revolutionary technology will give you a long lasting result which means shaving, threading, waxing a lot less often. However whilst you have PCOS, it will be highly unlikely that the reduction we provide will be permanent.

Does the IPL Hair Removal procedure hurt?

All our sophisticated Class 4 medical Lasers and IPL technology are virtually pain free. If the hair is courser or used on sensitive areas of the body & face, you may feel a slight sensation similar to an elastic band feeling however this is comfortable.

When will I see a reduction in hair after the procedure?

We advise it is normal for you to see a reduction within 3-4 weeks of a treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

The normal recommendation is 6-8 sessions however through our successful clinical experience and history of working with thousands of patients, we are able to provide a long lasting result within 3 sessions. A top up treatment is always recommended every 6 months to eradicate any new hair growth.

I don't want to shave in between my treatments?

It is advised that you shave in between your treatments to shred the hair shaft to see a good reduction, however at Arden Clinic our highly skilled practitioner has mastered techniques where shaving is not required and a successful result is seen in the same timeframe, which is 3-4 weeks after a treatment.

What kind of technology do you use?

We are home to various Lasers including Nd:YAG and Diode.

Proud to have worked alongside a team of highly sophisticated engineers with 15 years of Research & Development in producing a state-of-the-art Class 4 medical Laser! Our technology is Safe, FDA and CE approved technology and only available at Arden Clinic.