Collective Ultrasound waves to reduce cellulite, impacting & instantly exploding fat cells fiercely

The low frequency ultrasound waves produce microscopic bubbles which cause the membranes around the fatty cells to break up. With our technology, the vibration of the ion wave produces a strong power and a phenomenal speed through positive and negative alteration, causing a build-up of micro bubbles, which produces different levels of pressure to the cell membranes.

  • No starvation diets

  • Pain-free treatment

  • Completely safe

  • The newest technology without anaesthetic or wound, easily remove the hard fat cell

With collective strong waves emitted to the human body, impacting fat cells fiercely, the cell membranes cannot endure the pressure, they will explode, break into liquid and pass through the body’s metabolism and lymphatic drainage system i.e. through urine or sweat glands.

The quantity of the fat cell is significantly reduced.

To increase slimming effects, it is recommended to have at least 6-9 sessions for long lasting and natural results. Arden Clinic also offers the Laser Lipolysis. Combining both procedures will see speedy and effective results depending on each individual.