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Why You Should Eat A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet doesn’t mean a fad diet. Many of us have tried the Atkins diet, juice diets and even the more obscure, such as the cabbage diet. However, there is a way to be healthy and lose weight (if that’s your goal), without trying these unsustainable ways of eating. There are also numerous benefits…


The Medical Grade Difference

The Medical Grade Difference With an overwhelming number of skincare products available everywhere from online to the grocery store, it’s almost expected that one would be confused with understanding how and when to trust the claims and results promised. We all want to have clear, radiant, imperfection-free skin. We want to bring our best face…


Conquering the South Pole with Heliocare

This winter, professional ultra-athlete and Heliocare brand partner, Jenny Davis, will be taking part in her toughest challenge to date: skiing solo to the South Pole. Jenny aims to beat the current women’s record of 38 days, 23 hours and 5 minutes.Having departed the UK on 11 November, Jenny will be spending a week in…

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Are You Treating Your Hyperpigmentation the Right Way?

Are You Treating Your Hyperpigmentation the Right Way? Hyperpigmentation can be a pesky thing. With our skin constantly evolving, the melanin does as well and thanks to various factors, it can uneven the skin tone to varying degrees. Are there different types of hyperpigmentation? There sure are! There are four types of hyperpigmentation and each needs to…


3-D Ultimate vs Machine Body Contouring Technologies

3-D Ultimate vs Machine Body Contouring Technologies 3D-lipo first launched back in 2012.  They started with a small machine offering Cavitation and Radio Frequency technologies. 7 years on, the technology on offer from the company has fast evolved, with each machine becoming more advanced, and offering a larger variety of technologies within a single platform.…

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Heliocare 360° supporting Crisis

Heliocare 360° supporting Crisis For every Heliocare 360° product purchased by clinic stockists in November and December 2019 we’ll donate 20p to Crisis, a UK charity dedicated to ending homelessness. Homelessness is a devastating experience. It leaves people isolated and vulnerable. Every donation helps Crisis to support people directly out of homelessness, and campaign for…

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Your Winter Skin

Yes, Your Winter Skin Needs a Stronger Skincare Routine When the temps fall the first thing we think of is changing our wardrobe and bringing in comfy layers and cozy fabrics. It may be news to you but it’s also important to rejig your skincare routine so that you can protect and prime your skin…

damn spot

Out Damn Spot! The Peculiar Case of Your Pigment

Out Damn Spot! The Peculiar Case of Your Pigment When it comes to your skin’s pigment, there’s more than what meets the eye. WHAT EXACTLY IS PIGMENT ANYWAY? Melanocytes in the skin create melanin and are responsible for the colour of your complexion. Whether you are ebony brown or creamy white, there is pigment creating…

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How Having Acne Can Be a Serious Emotional Issue

When it comes to putting your best face forward, it can be a challenge when you’ve got acne.

Not only does it throw a wrench into your overall makeup process (extra concealer? Yup, we’ve all felt like we’ve needed it), it also can wreak havoc on your skin care routine as you are always on the hunt for products that can be gentle on your skin while making sure that your affected skin is also treated and healed.