Get a natural breast enhancement


This non-invasive procedure will give you a lifted, rounded and natural breast lift without surgery or downtime


Ultrasound Cavitation treatments are procedures involving the use of a Ultrasound energy device to improve the firmness and the better contouring of the breast, while also creating toned smooth skin. This treatment is perfect for anyone looking for a shot of body confidence. Results are immediate after one session.


Ultrasound cavitation treatments can be used to help with several complaints:

  • saggy breasts (due to normal weight changes or pregnancy)
  • loose skin on breast
  • reducing cellulite
  • minimising stretch marks


What does the procedure entail?

The Ultrasound energy heats the skin without damaging it as it breaks down fatty cells and stimulates collagen production. On account of the heating process, the skin will have a much tighter appearance while the subcutaneous layers would have changed in specific, durable ways. The tissues will receive a boost of blood flow and will start breaking down cellulite and fat stimulating collagen production. The reshaping and lifting of the breast and body is done simultaneously creating a shapely silhouette for immediate results!

The fat type that causes both lumpy skin and a dimpled skin appearance will be broken down and redeposited naturally throughout the body via the lymphatic system.



How long will the procedure last?

Treatment time is roughly 45 minutes.



When will I see changes around my breast?

Immediately, the differences with breast augmentation are discernibly visible right away.



Are there any side effects?

The treatment is very safe and has minimal downtime. The most common side effect is redness and/or headaches as well as potential bruising. Unruly thirst is just as common due to your body breaking down fat cells.

The breast lift is low invasive and can be done in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments such as Laser Hair Removal




30-40 minutes procedure

Both breast augmentation – £89



Is it pain-free?

The procedure is virtually pain free. The only thing you may feel is heat.



How long will the results last?

The more sessions you have, the longer the results will last however on average breast lift can last up to 3 months.



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