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Smiles all Round

smiles all round

Join us in our dedicated efforts to support local charity – Smiles All Round who are currently delivering aid to the Palestinian community and other international refugee communities in regions like Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Syria throughout 2023 and 2024. Your generous donations big or small, through our website, will make a meaningful impact. We pledge to allocate a portion of our profits to this noble cause. Together, let’s make a difference and uplift the lives of those facing adversity.
Rest assured, 100% of your contribution will directly aid those in need.

Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

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violence against women and girls

Accompanied by PC CAHN from West Yorkshire Police, working with the Women’s & Girls Engagement Officer. This worthwhile initiative brings a wealth of resources and information on addressing Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). This endeavour strives to offer essential assistance and direction to safeguard the welfare of women in our community. We recommend you utilise the advice and contact information provided.

Your safety is paramount, this presents an opportunity to equip yourself with the vital tools and awareness to tackle difficult circumstances you may be facing at home or the workplace.

Sparkle for Axl

Make a Donation

You can donate at https://bradfordhospitalscharity.org/sparkle/ or Text AXL followed by your donation amount to 70085.

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Arden Clinic recently made a charitable donation to the Sparkle for Axl appeal. This is an appeal in association with Bradford Hospitals’ Charity that provides good quality toys and play equipment for children who are undergoing treatment. The appeal is named after a little boy called Axl who had a rare blood anemia disorder. He spent most of his young life in hospital undergoing treatments and sadly died 3 days before his 3rd birthday. The charity came up with an annual Sparkl for Axl day (10th December) where people are encouraged to wear something sparkly and make a donation.

The Bradford Hospitals’ Charity employs play specialists that identify the toys and play equipment that makes a real difference to patients. This enables the kids to have fun and takes their focus away from the very difficult situations they have to face, so that life is not so painful and they can enjoy themselves. They can still be children and still have fun and feel like they are having a life, even though a lot of their lives will be in hospital.

You can find out more on the Twitter hashtag #Sparkle4Axl or on the video below.

Links Care home, Bradford

Our staff attended the Links Care home, Bradford and hand delivered , beautifully presented skincare gift sets by La Roche Posay, specially formulated for sensitive skin which were donated to the staff and residents of the home in 2021.

links care home
charitable donation

This is another charity we have actively supported since 2018 – housing refugees, orphanage, donations and medical equipment/medication. Our aim is to continue supporting EMA in Lebanon with annual international visits and hand delivering aid to the most vulnerable and needy.
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Healthpoint Foundation

Our current project is supporting an amazing medical and dental relief charitable organisation called Healthpoint Foundation.

They currently covering 15 refugee camps with outreach clinics serving up to a HUGE 20,000 refugees!

Urgent dental care is in great demand amongst various camps across Thessaloniki, Greece. Resources are limited but people are desperately in need. Doctors and dentists are flying in from all over the world to provide their expertise during this crisis. They do not receive any form of renumeration as 100% of donations are used to purchase medical/dental supplies and equipment. So any little support is appreciated!

Arden clinic is committed to sharing the same values, raise awareness and invest in a worthwhile and progressive charitable organisation that can help change lives of those in need.

There are different ways in which we are supporting this particular project.

  • As a team, we will be visiting a number of refugee sites during 2016
  • Holding fundraising days where a percentage of profits from Arden Clinic treatments will be donated to the charity.
  • Assistance with recruiting doctors and dentists from the UK to travel to Greece and perform required treatments on refugees on a voluntary basis with Healthpoint Foundation.

Together with everyones effort, of course plenty of cries and laughter, lets bring unity, support and progression on these devastating circumstances faced by those who we share the same planet with.

If you would like to donate, please click here.

visiting refugees greece

November 2016 – We’re keeping warm around a camp fire with the refugees in Thessaloniki. Clothes, food and toys handed out bought with 100% of your donations. Seeing a smile on their faces is priceless!

Sophie, Health Point Foundation’s very first non clinical coordinator of the marquee.

visiting refugees greece

HealthPoint Foundation’s dental volunteers within the refugee camps – November 2016

Want to get involved in fundraising or becoming a volunteer?

We are committed to looking out for, in particular dentists and fundraising volunteers who are willing to give their time and skills to this worthwhile organisation.

Contact us for more information, we’d love to hear from you!