We are excited to introduce the latest version of HydraFacial® Elite technology at our award winning clinic in Bradford and Leeds. HydraFacial® isn’t just any facial. It treats acne, pigmentation, open pores, oily and congested skin, giving you healthy skin with a beautiful glow .

The results from just one HydraFacial® treatment can be immediately visible with an instant improvement in skin appearance, texture and hydration. Repeat treatments and specific treatment protocols will achieve even more dramatic and longer lasting results and more importantly an overall improvement in skin health.

HydraFacial® can be used to treat and diminish a variety of skin imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, dry skin, congested pores, oily acne prone skin and age spots. All whilst achieving an overall uniform healthy glowing complexion.

How HydraFacial® works?


Begin with Lymphatic drainage that improves circulation of the lymph system and helps to eliminate toxins.


Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.


Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturisers that quench skin.


Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximise your glow.


Finish with red and infrared LED light to reduce redness and further stimulate collagen, supporting the natural production of vitamin D.

What is the difference between HydraFacial® and other Hydradermabrasion treatments?

HydraFacial uses a unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin, and, the spiral design delivers painless extractions.


What is Vortex-Fusion technology?

The spiral design of HydroPeel® Tips, used in conjunction with the HydraFacial proprietary vacuum technology and serums, creates a vortex effect to easily dislodge and remove impurities while simultaneously delivering hydrating skin solutions.


What does HydraFacial treat?

HydraFacial addresses all skincare needs such as:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Elasticity and firmness
  • Eventone and vibrancy
  • Skin texture
  • Brown spots
  • Oily and congested skin
  • Enlarged pores

Which skin type does HydraFacial® treat?

HydraFacial® technology treats all skin types with various skin conditions. Please speak to your practitioner about the available options.



smooth refine

Smooth & Refine

restore firm

Restore & Firm











Can I have a HydraFacial before my Laser Hair removal treatment?

Yes absolutely. You are likely to see a long term improvement in your skin texture and tone when combining these fantastic treatments together.

How often can I get a HydraFacial?

Anyone will greatly benefit from a monthly HydraFacial however in some circumstances, weekly HydraFacials are permitted.

What does ZO Skin health booster do?

Reduces the appearance of brown spots, evens skin tone, prevents new pigmentation formation, restores hydration to replenish skin’s vital hydration balance.

How long does a HydraFacial take?

30-60 minutes is all it takes to get your best skin! There’s little to no downtime and you are able to return to your daily activities.

Before & After Results

Sun Damage Treatment


Glycolic and salicylic acid break down pigmentation. Powerful antioxidants help to protect the skin from further damage. Before and after 4 treatments


Powerful ingredients like seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid, and soy peptides soothe, hydrate and help strengthen the collagen and elastin in the delicate eye area. Before and after 4 treatments

Acne Treatment


Specific ingredients in help to reduce redness and inflammation caused by breakout of spots without drying out the skin. Antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are then infused in the skin to help protect and restore skin health. Before and after 2 treatments.



Glycolic and salicylic acid break down pigmentation. Powerful antioxidants help to protect the skin from further damage. Before and after 7 treatments.

Anti-Ageing Treatment


A uniquely formulated combination of peptides stimulates collagen production and improves cell structural strength, breathing life and youth back into skin.


A uniquely formulated combination of peptides visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Before and after 1 treatment.

Facial Packages

Targeted areas on a face
  • HydraFacial Express


    £95 per session

  • Course of 12 - £855

    SAVING £285

  • 30 minute treatment incorporating all the key benefits of HydraFacial, perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. The treatment is suitable for those who want to give their skin an instant detox & pick-me-up
Targeted areas on a face
  • HydraFacial - Skin health for life


    £130 per session

  • £68p/month

    Course of 12 - £1170, Deposit £350

    SAVING £390

  • Super-serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration and protect skin from environmental damage, leaving it recharged, renewed, and invigorated.
Targeted areas on a face
  • HydraFacial Scalp Keravive treatment


    £350 per session

  • Or 3 sessions for £999

    Pay in 3 instalments
  • HydraFacial Keravive is a unique, relaxing treatment designed to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate the scalp for healthier and fuller-looking hair for all skin and hair types.
Targeted areas on a face
  • HydraFacial Anti-Ageing DermaBuilder


    £170 per session

  • £89p/month

    Course of 12 - £1530, Deposit £462

    SAVING £510

  • HydraFacial Anti-Ageing treatment uses the DermaBuilder multi-peptide anti-ageing serum to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also enhancing the skin’s elasticity, for visibly noticeable plumping and tightening of the skin.
Targeted areas on a face
  • Pigmentation reduction with Britenol


    £170 per session

  • £89p/month

    Course of 12 - £1530, Deposit £462

    SAVING £510

  • The HydraFacial skin brightening minimises the appearance of brown spots, awakens dull skin. The treatment targets dark spots and sun damaged areas, leaving skin glowing with a more even complexion
Targeted areas on a face
  • Hydrafacial Acne and congested skin


    £170 per session

  • £89p/month

    Course of 12 - £1530, Deposit £462

    SAVING £510

  • Helps to improve active acne by reducing the build-up of excess oils and also improve scarring by deeper exfoliation using natural salicylic acid and application of different strengths of GlySal peel.


Study Findings:

In several published studies conducted by leading U.S. plastic surgeon Bruce M. Freedman, MD, FACS, author of over 40 publications in medical journals and textbooks, the HydraFacial® hydradermabrasion technology was clinically proven to be effective for facial rejuvenation. In particular, Dr. Freedman studied polyphenolic antioxidant levels within the skin and how hydra-dermabrasion compares to other skin rejuvenation procedures.

Experts detailing his study findings:

  • Hydradermabrasion (HydraFacial®) yields better results in skin rejuvenation than IPL and other common skin treatments.
  • HydraFacial® hydradermabrasion’s mechanism of actions: mechanical stimulation activates basal layer, thickening and smoothing the epidermis. Fibroblast activity results in extracellular matrix deposition and dermal thickening. Antioxidants introduced through the procedure hydrate and decrease inflammation in the skin, reversing photodamage, while protecting lipid membranes, collagen fibers and enzyme systems.
  • This study demonstrated that a series of hydradermabrasion treatments resulted in epidermal and papillary dermal thickening with replacement of elastotic tissue and deposition of new collagen fibers.
  • The increase in fibroblast density further confirmed the activation of a reparative process. Clinical improvement was documented photographically, and patients noted qualitative improvement in several skin attributes. These findings highlight the benefits and efficacy of the hydradermabrasion process.
  • Digital photographs, skin biopsies, and skin polyphenolic antioxidant levels were repeated. A majority of patients reported significant or noticeable improvements in all of the surveyed skin conditions. Qualitatively, decreased pore size, decreased fine lines, and decreased hyperpigmentation were most commonly observed.
  • Skin treated with HydraFacial® hydradermabrasion demonstrated significantly increased epidermal and papillary dermal thickness, and increased fibroblast density (p<0.01).
  • When compared to pretreatment tissue, treated tissue contained noticeable replacement of elastotic extra-cellular matrix with ticker, horizontally oriented collagen fibers. This hyalinization was associated with greater fibroblast density.
  • Polyphenolic compounds have been associated with skin photoprotection and anti-aging properties. After hydradermabrasion, skin polyphenolic antioxidant levels were increased by 30%. However, manual application of antioxidants alone did not result in increased level of polyphenolic antioxidants.
  • Polyphenolic antioxidants delivered through HydraFacial® process may confer a protective effect on facial skin exposed to visible light radiation and reduce the adverse effects of photo therapy, such as an increase of lipid peroxide concentration, and decreases in skin moisture content and polyphenolic antioxidant levels.
  • The addition of polyphenolic antioxidants through HydraFacial® to a phototherapy regimen enhanced the clinical, biochemical, and histological changes seen following phototherapy alone.

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