How well do you know your skin?

Introducing the latest technology OBSERV® 520x skin analyser that will clearly diagnose and solve your skin concerns.

The OBSERV® 520x skin analyser offers comprehensive skin assessments including an initial assessment, followed by an in-depth consult with your practitioner to help you understand your skin concerns. Afterwards you can discuss a bespoke treatment plan which uses digital assets to continually monitor your progress.

OBSERV®520 skin analyser

What is the OBSERV® 520x Skin Analyser used for and how can I benefit from it?

The OBSERV® 520x is an innovative skin analysis machine, that allows you to discover your skin profile. It will also help you visualise the characteristics in the various layers of your skin. Furthermore, the OBSERV® 520x Skin Analyser reveals how subtle signs of ageing and skin health contribute to appearance, and its advanced lighting modes help your practitioner identify the root cause of specific skin concerns and conditions. Consequently we can offer personalised advice and treatment plans to address your diagnostic.

What skin conditions does the OBSERV® 520x Skin Analyser reveal?

Overall, the 8 different light modes can address skin conditions such as fine lines, sagging, inflammatory, scar tissue, skin type, pore health, skin pigmentation, active acne, sunspots, dryness, wrinkles and fine lines.

How long does it take for the OBSERV® 520x to photograph me?

The OBSERV® 520x photographs you at 5 different angles in an average of just 10 seconds.

Observe skin analyser

How can I see my progress?

With the OBSERV® 520x, your practitioner can create digital patient reports, care and treatment plans, side-by-side comparisons, personalised notes, tailored skincare regimens and more. Your data will be stored and shared with you in the next consultation, and it can also be printed or shared via email.

After the appearance analysis, you will have an in-depth consultation regarding your skin features and concerns. This will be made clear using light mode comparison, allowing you to compare the different light modes.

Price: £50

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