Gently ease signs of ageing, restore facial contour, improve loss of volume & appearance of wrinkles with Dermal fillers and lip fillers. Our team of experts based in Bradford & Leeds are here to help you achieve your goals

Dermal and lip fillers have significantly expanded over the aesthetic field to clear disturbing skin conditions that normally develop with age or even a cosmetic solution to make one feel and look beautiful. Dermal and lip fillers can reduce creases, folds and wrinkles.

Our experienced advanced practitioner offers:

  • Cheek filler
  • Chin filler
  • Nasolabial fold
  • Jawline filler
  • Marionette lines
  • Lip filler
  • Nose filler (Rhinoplasty)
  • Tear trough filler


Tear Trough

Nasolabial Fold

Liquid Rhinoplasty/ Non Surgical Nose Job

Why do I need Dermal fillers?

As time goes by, lips, cheeks, jawline and eye are tend to lose their definition due to dryness and loss of volume. Beauty and youth are often desired and many people, especially women will ensure both are maintained throughout their life. With suitable procedures, one can increase their self esteem and confidence.

What do Dermal fillers do?

Lip enhancement, nose reshaping and cheek augmentation can be achieved in one single session of Dermal Filler with entire procedure time of 30 minutes.

Lip filler – This hugely popular procedure can be used to enhance the natural shape of the lip or treat thin lips and cosmetic asymmetries. Procedural lip enhancement can reduce the tendency to develop overly prominent wrinkles and lines above the top lip. These developments on the lips or flaws are commonly referred to as “smoker’s lines”.

Cheek filler – Highly demanded procedure used to restore loss of volume, definition and can also help with hollowness underneath the peri-orbital region.

Chin Filler – Hyaluronic acid filler is used to elongate the facial structure and can also help with disguising a double chin. Chin filler are commonly used to provide a slimming face

Jawline filler – Will provide the facial structure a more photogenic appearance helping with sagging or slack skin or even a face that has lost its definition with age. Jawline fillers have become highly popular over the last decade.

Nasolabial fold & Marrionette lines – Instant results and improvements are seen with Nasolabial fold filler. Adding volume to this area will not only see a reduction in fine or deep wrinkles but it will also add a gentle lifting effect to the mouth area. A reduction in wrinkles in this area can restore youth immediately.

Tear trough – Gentle and carefully placed filler by our advanced practitioner in the peri-orbital region can decrease hollowness around the eye area, decrease dark circles and also add youth by reducing fine lines underneath the eye area. Results are seen immediately and can be topped up 2 weeks after.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty – Rhinoplasty filler is used to lift the nose, straighten the nose and also tackle minor asymmetries. This procedure is also known as Liquid nose job. The procedure is reversible and has more predictable results in comparison to surgery. Its virtually pain free and results are visible immediately. Please note swelling can be present for up to 14 days.

Please click on following link to find out more about Juverderm product we use to inject some areas of the face.

We have a range of injectables for other areas of the face. Botox injectables can be used on the forehead, glabella and crows feet. See Botox injectables

Dermal fillers are a clear medical gel normally made from Hyaluronic acid. They offer a cosmetic solution to ‘fill out’ or smooth away the following:

  • Forehead Lines

  • Nose to Mouth Grooves

  • Frown Furrows

  • Lipstick Lines

  • Crows Feet (side of eyes)

Is there any side effects to Lip fillers or dermal fillers?

Well conducted dermal filler and lip filler can have non to very minimal side effects. Clients who have undergone the procedure have reported high levels of satisfaction and confidence.

Prior to the procedure, you will be invited for a consultation with our registered and experienced practitioner, who will happily discuss options with you.

Prices of Dermal fillers

  • Lip augmentation 0.5ml

  • £140
    Available Leeds & Bradford
  • Lips augmentation 1ml

  • £170
    Available Leeds & Bradford
  • Nasolabial folds

  • £210
    Available Leeds & Bradford
  • Smokers lines

  • £210
    Available Leeds & Bradford
  • Tear trough

  • £340
    Available Leeds & Bradford
  • Liquid rhinoplasty

  • £549
    Available Leeds & Bradford
  • Cheek or chin augmentation 1ml

  • £250
    Available Leeds & Bradford
  • Jawline augmentation up to 2ml

  • £350
    Available Leeds & Bradford

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect before my treatment?

You will have an in-depth consultation to discuss the facial features you would like to enhance and how we can help you do that with Juvéderm®.

There will be some forms to complete on the day of the consultation and prior to your procedure taking place. This is to ensure you have been given accurate information based on your current medical background, lifestyle and preferences, any medication you are on, any other procedures that you have had done on the areas.

We operate a strict ‘open and honest’ approach and use our consultations as an opportunity to educate you as much as possible.

Who will perform the procedure?

All our Anti-wrinkle and Dermal filler injections are administered by our registered Advanced practitioners who are highly trained and have a passion for facial aesthetics.

What areas can you use Dermal Fillers on?

We can enhance the cheeks by adding volume above the cheekbone. Dermal fillers can also straighten crookedness in the nose area and also be used to fill out the lip and the lip line. We can also give you a more defined jawline with carefully placed filler to give you a more slimmer and V-shaped facial structure.

Will there be swelling?

Following a filler injection, you may experience slight redness, swelling, or bruising at the injected area. These effects should not last for more than a week. You are able cover up any skin discoloration with makeup 12 hours after your procedure.

How long does the procedure itself take?

The procedure itself can be done on your lunch break as it will take no longer than 30 – 60 minutes.

When will I see a result?

Dermal Fillers normally take 30 – 60 minutes to administer and the results can be seen immediately. Results will enhance over a period of 7-14 days once any swelling has dispersed.

Will the procedure hurt?

We use topical anaesthetic to help with pain. The smooth consistency of the products in the Juvéderm® range allows our practitioner to administer the filler easily and smoothly. Many also contain 0.3% Lidocaine to reduce injection pain for a more comfortable experience.

Is there a charge for the consultation?

We charge £25 for the consultation. To book, please contact 0845 459 0577 or complete the callback form and someone will be in contact with you to arrange a convenient day and time.

Procedure time

30-60 minutes

Procedure time

30 minutes


Experienced & advanced practitioner


Medical professional only

Injectable areas

Lip fillers, 'smokers lines', cheek augmentation, tear trough, chin augmentation & nose reshaping

Injectable areas

Lip fillers, 'smokers lines', cheek augmentation, tear trough, chin augmentation & nose reshaping


Immediate results however swelling present up to 14 days


Immediately visible however swelling disperses within 7 days

Lasting effects

9-12 months

Lasting effects

6-9 months


Topical application prior to procedure


Not required


Male & Female


Male & Female

Side effects

Bruising, swelling, redness which can last up to 14 days

Side effects

Bruising, swelling, redness

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