Reverse the signs of photoaging such as wrinkles, pigmented lesions and textured skin

Our Photo Rejuvenation procedure is designed to produce younger and healthier looking skin. As we age, we begin to see small but visible signs of sun damage appearing in our complexion. This may include freckles, rosacea, wrinkles, broken capillaries, dark spots, blotchy skin color, redness of the face and neck, enlarged pore size and sun damage.

This treatment using IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is the only treatment that can treat vascular redness, pigmented brown spots, sun damage and the collagen structure all at the same time.

With the use of our state-of-the-art technology, dramatic improvements can now be accomplished with little or no “downtime” and with minimal discomfort.

Why do I get them?

  • Alcohol use

  • With age

  • Hereditary

  • Pregnancy or hormonal changes

  • Excess sun exposure

Good news…

Relief of facial blood vessels, pigmented lesions such as Melasma and vascular lesions (thread veins) without surgery is possible.

Within 6-8 sessions of IPL treatment, you will see visible relieve to the treated area.

Photo Rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light has become increasingly popular with its method to relieve signs of photoaging and sun damaged skin. Our technology uses high powered flash lamps that create high intensity light in the visible spectral range of 400 to 1200nm into the skin.  Specific filters are used to target certain chromophores underneath the epidermis in order to create relief to pigmented lesions, fine lines and wrinkles and thread veins.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is similar to Laser however Laser is a single coherent wavelength which only targets one chromophore at a time whereas with the IPL broad spectrum, it can reach a number of chromophores meaning it can be used to relieve more than one skin condition.

The side effects of the Photo Rejuvenation are very minimal, however it is important to follow aftercare guidelines to ensure you maintain good results.

It is recommended to have 6-8 treatments to see optimal results. In more severe cases, more treatments maybe required.


Does the procedure hurt?

All our sophisticated Class 4 medical Lasers and IPL technology are virtually pain free. However if used used on sensitive or darker areas of the body & face, you may feel a slight sensation similar to an elastic band feeling however this is comfortable.

How many sessions do I need?

The normal recommendation is 6-8 sessions.  A top up treatment is always recommended every 6 months to eradicate any new pigmented cell growth

What kind of technology do you use?

We are home to various Lasers including Nd:YAG and Intense Pulsed Light.

Proud to have worked alongside a team of highly sophisticated engineers with 15 years of Research & Development in producing a state-of-the-art Class 4 medical Laser! Our technology is Safe, FDA AND CE approved technology and only available at Arden Clinic.

Suitable for ALL skin types and symptoms, we have something for everyone to see a dramatic result.

How can I book in?

Please contact 0845 459 0577 or text 07449 957255 to book in for a consultation. The consultation fee is £25 which will include the patch test

Procedure time

30-40 minutes

Consultation time is one hour



Our practitioners are experts and qualified specifically Laser and IPL


2-4 weeks

Multiple sessions are required for desired result


Male & Female

All skin types

Unlike other types of technology, ours permits us to perform this procedure on male & female and ALL skin types


Not required

Comfortable procedure

Side Effects

Erythema, redness, swelling, temporary hyper pigmentation or hypo pigmentation

Minimum downtime

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