Trans woman

I am a Male to Female (MtF) trans woman and my blogs are about my experiences – my transgender journey as I develop into the woman that I have always been. The good, the bad, the ugly. Hopefully will be helpful to others going through the transition no matter what stage they are at.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Life changes again

Monday 6th February so far has been a very good day and more positive than I ever thought it would be, blood test results – my Testosterone level is at 2 thanks to medication i have been taking since May 18th 2016. I am feeling very happy with results I have got today and believe oestrogen level will be higher than 360 from the last round of blood tests I had done last June.


I have had laser hair removal treatment today at Arden Clinic based at Woodroyd surgery in Bradford and since the first time I went just under 3 weeks ago the treatment has been a little strange as really didn’t know what to expect or what it involved. I can say with complete honesty Naseem Shah has been brilliant with me. She has been patient and it has not just been in have treatment and out, Naseem has taken time to talk to me and ask me questions maybe in some way I have helped her learn something not just about me but also more about being a trans-woman. Naseem is becoming a true friend and thankfully isn’t afraid to ask questions. Naseem is very complimentary in every way and makes a huge difference when having the treatment and will only do the right amount of treatments you need. The heat from the laser is more than bearable just not too sure about the smell although today it smelt like smoked bacon whether that was because I was hungry or thinking about bacon.
I would highly recommend Naseem and The Arden Clinic to anyone who was looking into laser hair removal treatment,Naseem is very polite, professional and friendly she puts you at ease before and during treatment and we just clicked in a lovely way.
The Arden Clinic do more than just laser hair removal they have a wide range of treatments available but for now and for me I am concentrating on laser hair removal done by Naseem and answering the questions she will ask me as i have said before……i have no problem with being asked anything at all and no question is rude or ignorant. I would like to think that if there was something people wanted to know they would ask and not just assume if the answer will help one person then its worth asking and answering and there are some lovely people like Naseem who want to know more and I am always willing to help talk to and educate anyone who wants to know more and will not just assume or come up with the wrong answer, I am more disappointed by not being asked a question.
Thank You Naseem you are a lovely lady am very happy to know you think i am inspiring yes very happy to hear that too I should start to think more of myself and not be as hard on myself as I have been but i am learning with friends like you Naseem and Kim then I wont go far wrong, maybe I should also start to believe i am as brave as Naseem and Kim have said i am….would I be where I am today if it wasn’t for the abortion I went through in 2015 ?? I genuinely believe the answer is YES I had already done so much soul searching and wasn’t far away from making the decision I made after the abortion maybe just maybe that was the catalyst I needed to be the woman I have always been destined to be and the kick up the backside i needed one of those things we will never really know for sure
Lots of Love
Angie xxxxxx