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The effects of ageing and our lifestyle are reflected in our skin. These signs include facial wrinkles, like crow’s feet, as your skin becomes looser, and a dull, sallow quality to your skin. Retriderm® is a clinicallyproven skin rejuvenation serum specifically designed to repair the effects of ageing and provide more youthful, healthy skin. The protein-rich serum is an advanced vitamin A formulation that can deliver significant results within 8 weeks – and even better results over time.

I would recommend Retriderm to anyone who wants to see a change in the appearance of their skin.

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After 8 weeks’ daily use

The Products

Retriderm 0.5% Serum

A light serum with 0.5% retinol – perfect to start the regeneration and help the skin to acclimatise before stepping up to the Retriderm 1.0% serum to maximise results. Heliocare® UV and antioxidant protection must be applied daily, in the morning, when using Retiderm.

Retriderm 1.0% Serum

With a high concentration of retinol this light serum provides a real boost of vitamin A. You can then step back down to Retiderm 0.5% serum to help sustain the results. Heliocare UV and anti-oxidant protection must be applied daily, in the morning, when using Retiderm.