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Banish Pigmentation with Neoretin

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Skin pigmentation problems can really affect your confidence. NeoRetin® has been designed to control the appearance of pigmentation. It does so by tackling every stage of the melanin production cycle – the cause of pigmentation. Clinical data shows that, not only is it effective at targeting the pigmentation problems that you can see on the surface of your skin, but also what you don’t see happening within it. So if you want to feel confident in your skin and in control of your pigmentation problems, your journey starts here. We’ll reveal the science behind the range and how you can get the best results from the intense NeoRetin Pigmentation-Control Programme.

“loved the results I achieved, I would definitely recommend NeoRetin – just wish I’d found it sooner!”

Before & After Pictures

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After 12 weeks’ daily use

74% reduction in area and severity of melasma as measured by clinicians

The Products

NeoRetin Gelcream

NeoRetin Gelcream is a light cream that contains broad spectrum UVA | UVB protection, so it’s perfect to use during the day. It also contains the unique combination of vitamin A and key ingredients from the Whitening Booster System, while sophisticated moisturising ingredients leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth.

40ml, Price £40

NeoRetin Serum

The NeoRetin Serum works perfectly alongside the Gelcream, with even higher levels of the Whitening Booster System as well as an additional exfoliant, salicylic acid, on top of the vitamin A ingredients. It’s the powerhouse in the range packed with hydrating ingredients and a botanical extract to soothe the skin. Due to the increased level of ingredients high level UVA | UVB protection must be worn when you use the NeoRetin Serum.

30ml, Price £40