How we can help your organisation?

Arden Clinic offers corporate packages to those employees who are susceptible to suffer from headaches, back, neck and shoulder, tension, especially those who are office based or have a physically demanding role.

Genuinely passionate about improving your health and wellbeing

By targeting specific pressure points in the body, this can dramatically improve:

  • Create a positive health & wellbeing culture

  • Increase productivity of employees

  • Enhance engagement and motivate staff

  • Give your staff a boost or a feeling of ‘me’ time even whilst at work

Many companies are now finding new ways to retain existing staff, reduce sickness levels, offer incentive schemes or even increase general health & wellbeing of their staff.

A taster of what we offer…

We combine Aesthetics and a range of holistic ancient therapies to ensure we can send your staff back to their day jobs feeling invigorated.

Our on-site treatments will aim to immediately uplift our client mentally and physically.

Our ‘lunch time’ treatments are affordable, timely and refreshing with effective treatments as little as 20 minutes up to 60 minutes.

Carefully handpicked treatments that gently incorporate Aesthetics and holistic techniques with:

  • Minimal or no downtime

  • Offering observable results

  • Aim to restore good health. Combating tension, headaches, back aches and skin issues

  • Give your staff a boost or a feeling of ‘me’ time even whilst at work

We tailor packages to meet your organisation needs. Whether it’s a long term disposition to meet strategic objectives or whether your organisation would like us to treat your staff for the day…we propose to deliver outstanding results.

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“I love having Acupressure, I swear by it! I have recommended this to all my friends and family”

“After having this therapy today, I can honestly say it feels like a tonne of bricks have been lifted from my shoulders”

“This is definitely a winner for me. Especially as I am very busy at work and home, I was able to get this great therapy during my break whilst at work”

“What a great idea, having an onsite masseuse at work”

“I have had this treatment during my lunch hour today and feeling all refreshed”

“After having only one session, I firmly believe if I regularly have this treatment, it will make a difference to my life”