10 Interesting facts about non-surgical Eyelid Tightening – Blepharoplasty

Surgical procedures seem to have been in vogue for a very long time. That is, until recently when we’ve started to discover novel and much more interesting ways of solving our usual pesky, body-related problems. Not only do they employ updated technology and up-to-speed methods, but they also provide better effectiveness at a much lower cost.

One of the most sought out non-surgical procedures available is the cosmetic Non-surgical Eyelid Tightening Blepharoplasty.

Unlike its surgical equivalent, Blepharoplasty that involves Plasma-using technology is a much simpler, cost-reducing and pain-free procedure. It is employed by many for the same similar reasons that the usual plastic surgery is, minus any invasive procedure at hand.

  1. Results speak for themselves

    It’s a revolutionary approach to what seems to have troubled women for a very long time. Its usage for eye bag and eyelid correction is well documented and has had staggering results! Much like actual surgical procedures would, only without the cuts and the persistent bruising and the subsequent recovery time.

  2. Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery

    It’s available in clinically specialised environments and done by trained specialists. Clinics such as Arden Clinic have trained staff to practice the procedures by the letter. The innovative plasma technology means that whatever the size of the plasma-producing handpiece, it is not a toy to be trifled with! Used properly and professionally, it becomes a unique tool for anti-aging and defect-prone areas that otherwise would remain untreated.

  3. No Scalpels

    It’s completely non-invasive and it doesn’t slice or tear the skin. There’s minimal trauma to the area treated or the surrounding areas. Redness and swelling is expected for a week at most.

  4. Long lasting effects

    Its plasma technology is highly effective on underlying fibroblast cells. A tiny plasma flash will leap from the tip to the skin in a micro-millimetre sized point. This superficial point minimises the skin in its immediate vicinity. The fibres underneath will shorten and so will the skin in time.

  5. Immediate results

    The procedure doesn’t last more than a couple of hours. Afterwards, you’ll remain with a cluster of scabbed grid-like points which needn’t worry you: they’ll clear up in 5-10 days. In a month’s time, the final results will start showing after the inflammation and redness have disappeared.

  6. No pain involved

    Unlike surgical procedures, patients going through non-surgical Eyelid Tightening Blepharoplasty procedures don’t experience any type of pain around the areas during or after the method is employed. For the sake of comfort, a topical anaesthetic is used around the area where the procedure is being done.

  7. Numerous other applications for cosmetic purposes

    The Plasma technology has also been used for facelifts & neck lifts; Acne that involves active spots and acne scarring; Stretch marks, scars as well as lines and wrinkles; Skin Lesions such as warts, xanthelasma, moles (flat or raised), age spots.

  8. Instant recovery time

    Soon as the procedure’s done, you can get back to work. There’s no convalescence period involved from the cosmetic procedure and no pain or detrimental side-effect that should stop you from going about your usual day.

  9. The healthier, the better

    Even though the after effects should become visible immediately, the consequent lasting effect as well, this is always subject to the lifestyle choices of the person. The cosmetic procedure doesn’t stop time. Free radical-inducing states in the body or skin (such as smoking or drinking and leading an unhealthy lifestyle) will only speed up the aging process. This way, the durability of the procedure is dependant on the person, especially after a couple of years.

  10. One session might not be enough!

    Depending on the age and the severity of the aesthetic problem, more than one session will be used to correct the underlying issue using the plasma procedure. These sessions will be segregated by 6 weeks worth of time distance, for better surface skin care and a cautious approach to the effects of exposing sensitive tissue to the effective technology.

The Eyelid Tightening Blepharoplasty procedure is potentially life-changing. You can always book a consultation to get you started and informed on the necessary treatment.