Arden Clinic’s Ethos

Meeting Your Needs

Every Individual has different needs, we are here to listen and provide you with a solution

Friendly Support & Advice

During your treatments at Arden, we support you every step of the way

Relaxing Atmosphere

You will be invited to our comforting clinics, welcomed by our highly trained and experienced staff

Affordable Treatments

Our affordable treatments will suit most budgets.  We also offer tailor-made solutions

beard shaving aser hair removal
5 Reasons Men should opt for Laser Hair Removal

Our Most Popular Services

Skin rejuvination

Skin Rejuvenation

Staying ahead with the latest Hollywood trends. Awaken your skin with our NO1 handpicked and desired procedures. Treatments for every budgets where RESULTS are seen. Using the latest technology on the market

Skin Tightening | Loose skin | Bingo Wings

Loose Skin

Arden Clinic prides themselves with Non-Surgical Skin Tightening procedures using the latest Radio Frequency technology and our NEW Plasma technology. Perfect for the face, neck and abdominal area. Superfast treatment time with no downtime!

Tattoo Removal

Our unconventional Laser Tattoo Removal technology also offers results with visible relief to tattoos within a few sessions depending on the colour of the tattoo. Tattoo Removal cost is relatively competitive at Arden Clinic.


Patients who do not respond well to diet and exercise have gained immense results with our Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment. This treatment has been an enormous success.

Introducing the latest advanced Laser Hair Removal technology

The latest innovative Class 4, medical LASER Hair Removal technology brought to you by Arden Clinic.

We are proud to introduce a NEW & UNIQUE medical laser offering hair removal with rapid results and a longer lasting to permanent hair removal.

We are the only clinic in the UK to offer this FDA & CE approved Laser. 

Treatments with this this remarkable technology are performed globally predominately in the USA & Europe.

Using the most sophisticated engineered equipment, confident with achieving results on all skin types, makes us market leaders and specialists in Laser hair removal and IPL Hair Removal.

Faster treatment time.  Suitable for all skin types.  Longer lasting results*

*in comparison to the conventional Laser & IPL Hair Removal Technology

Who are Arden Clinic

Renowned for life-changing results in Laser Hair Reduction!

Branching out with an array of aesthetic and body boosting treatments, Arden Clinic uses the state-of-the-art technology to keep complexions peachy.

Skin perfection is becoming increasingly part of our daily ritual for both men and women; needless to say, the monotonous task is relentlessly interfering in our demanding lives and affecting clients both on a physical and physiological point.

Igniting lovely smiles, we are renowned for effective results, home to a whole host of aesthetic treatments specially served up with the client at the forefront of considerations.

Laser & IPL Hair Removal a massive success at Arden

We are home to a whole host of different Laser Hair Removal equipment in Nd:YAG, Laser diode and Intense Pulsed Light.


At Arden, we do not compromise on technology, a combination of which is used within the UK’s NHS supply chain.

All our class 4, medical grade Lasers are FDA and CE approved and are uniquely designed with patient comfort and treatment results in mind. We have carefully selected the latest technologies available within the derma-logical circle from different parts of the globe including the USA.

Our technologies are one of the first to see a reduction on red and lighter hair, finer and coarser hair and most importantly our technologies are suited for ALL skin types including tanned skin.

Our hair removal is a safe, quick, almost pain free for removing unwanted hair and excessive hair.

We have a number of hair removal technologies available at Arden Clinic. Your Practitioner will go through your options on your consultation.

Laser Hair Removal & IPL Hair Removal can be used on all parts of the body including face, bikini, legs, back, abdominal and even the smallest areas such as earlobes.

Woodroyd Medical Centre

Situated in the heart of Bradford

Arden Clinic is centered in the heart of bradofrd based within the Woodroyd Medical Centre and located conveniently close to the motorway networks with plenty of car parking spaces on the premises.