We can often feel depressed if our skin is not looking its best but thanks to Arden’s Signature treatments, our exclusive clinically proven techniques not only help you feel good on the inside, they can physically help make a difference and relieve the appearance of fine lines, spots, pigmentation, blemishes, blackheads & open pores.

Are you conscious about taking your top off at the gym or on holiday?

Do you often get spots on your back?

Are you left with pigmentation?

Do not worry, you are not the only one! Thousands of men are experiencing Acne on their back, neck and arms, some which can lead to bleeding and in some cases, are rather painful.

Our recognised procedure is quite intensive and results are to be seen within 4 weeks of treatment. The treatment incorporates a blend of the latest Aesthetic technology. A combination of cleansing and exfoliation with Microdermabrasion and ND:Yag Laser is used to relieve the pigmentation and increase the productivity in fibroblasts that upsurge the growth in collagen to repair the skin.

This breakthrough in skin renewal has seen immense results, nurturing and restoring healthy skin.

Full back

Each session takes under 2 hours

£139 per session

Package £499 for 4 week plan

*saving £60!*

Full Face & neck

£79 per session

Package for £249 for 4 week plan

*saving £65!*