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clinic 2016Arden Clinic is named after Forest Arden in Warwickshire, where Shakesphere’s play “As you like it” was set.

You’re probably wondering, what on earth has that got to do with an aesthetics clinic…

Well, research has it, getting closer to nature is good for you and connecting with Mother Earth can improve your health and wellbeing. The theory is called Ecotherapy.

At Arden, we have incorporated our culture, approach, even our colour scheme to give you that warm sense of wellbeing.

We not only encourage our treatments to allow the bodies’ own natural mechanisms to enhance one’s beauty, our treatments are non-invasive too.

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Non surgical treatments for skin perfection

Branching out with an array of aesthetic and body boosting treatments, Arden Clinic uses the state-of-the-art technology to keep complexions peachy.

Skin perfection is becoming increasingly part of our daily ritual for both men and women; needless to say, the monotonous task is relentlessly interfering in our demanding lives and affecting clients both on a physical and physiological point.

We are market leaders and specialists in Laser hair removal & IPL Hair Removal.

We are home to a whole host of different Laser Hair Removal equipment in Nd:YAG, Laser diode and Intense Pulsed Light.

Distinct technology toppled with 20 years of combined experience of Research & development and performing successful treatments, we are experts in Laser Hair Removal & IPL Hair Removal, performing in excess of over 5000 a year on male and female patients.

At Arden, we do not compromise on technology, a combination of which is used within the UK’s NHS supply chain.

All our class 4, medical grade Lasers are FDA and CE approved and are uniquely designed with patient comfort and treatment results in mind. We have carefully selected the latest technologies available within the derma-logical circle from different parts of the globe including the USA.

Our technologies are one of the first to see a reduction on red and lighter hair, finer and coarser hair and most importantly our technologies are suited for ALL skin types including tanned skin.

Our hair removal is a safe, quick, almost pain free for removing unwanted hair and excessive hair.

Your Practitioner will go through your options on your consultation.

So what makes us unique and why?

We are a fruitful organisation, renowned for effective results

We use our experience and expertise to personalise an individual plan to put you on your way to a more confident you. Igniting lovely smiles, we are renowned for effective results, home to a whole host of aesthetic treatments specially served up with the client at the forefront of considerations.
At our welcoming clinic there is an underlying and committed belief that looking and feeling good is at the root of a healthy and happy tree of life. A fruitful organisation that has sprouted into the diverse city of Bradford, clients enjoy an array of aesthetic body boosting treatments.
Mirroring the clinic’s location close to the motorway networks, clients will expect cutting-edge treatments including a genuine feeling of care for that ultimate wellbeing experience


We do not compromise on quality service & care

The clinic encompasses the state-of-the-art technology, thriving for updates on advancements that will maintain our clinic’s uniqueness and continue to impress clients.

Clients can look forward to experienced and trained clinicians to assist with formulating realistic plans and expectations to put them on their way to a more confident self. At Arden, endeavouring to keep costs low and affordable for clients without compromising quality, special offers and promotions are constantly presented month on month.

As clients tend for their session, the clinic has Free parking and late appointments.

During your wait or before or after your treatment there is an in-house cafe conveniently located within the medical centre.

Before your treatment, enjoy our exquisite beverages complimentary of Arden Clinic.

Say hello to the new you…

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To find out more about our procedures and treatments, you will be invited to our comfortable clinic within the Woodroyd Medical Centre, for a consultation and patch test with our Director Aesthetician, Registered Nurse or Skin practitioner, contact us on 0845 459 0599, text us on 07449 957 255 or fill in our Contact Us form