Weight Loss Programs

Desperately trying to lose weight?  Want to improve your appearance?  Want to increase your confidence?

Our highly trained, Qualified Personal Trainers and Aestheticians will provide you with a 4 week robust and achievable plan to help you towards your goals.

We are greatly results driven, offering Laser based weight loss technology that is non-invasive, painless with NO downtime!

With our systematic program, as well as helping you lose weight, expect to see;

  • Improved Circulation

  • Increase in metabolism

  • Increase in energy levels

*Clinical trials showed 91% of clients saw up-to 2.5cm loss after 1 session!

Our innovative technology will accelerate weight loss in stubborn areas where normal diet & exercise does not respond well to including abdominal, thighs and upper arms.

What to expect;

  • No starvation diets

  • Pain-free treatment

  • Completely safe

  • Latest technology without the need of Anesthetic

  • Wound free procedure

  • Easily removes hard fat cells

Clinically proven weight loss!

4 week program that guarantees accelerated weight loss*

Only £1299

Package consists of;

  • Personalised Diet Plan
  • Six Laser Lipo (Laser Diode) sessions
  • Six Ultrasound Cavitation sessions
  • Six Skin tightening sessions
  • 4 week gym membership
  • 3 one hour per week sessions at the gym with personal Instructor
  • Winning Supplements (tablet form or drinks)
  • Celebrated Shapewear to take home
*Strict recommended diet plan & exercise regime must be adhered to

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